Group Coaching Package

We have curated an intimate group setting for professional women who want to invest and support each other in their personal and career growth.  With this 9-week group program we anticipate you will find your tribe!

This group cohort experience will be available to 12 women who want to share their diverse multicultural perspectives, assist each other in workshopping solutions and grow together in a supportive, brave, and confidential environment. Join this mastermind group and we will cover:

What’s Included

  • Personal empowerment to defeat Imposter Syndrome, overthinking, and perfectionism, especially in the context of your culture and role expectations
  • Gently challenging fear and our innate hesitancy to take risks because of what we were taught as children.
  • Finding your purpose & forward momentum within your current job, side hustle, or with a career pivot
  • How to have difficult conversations, boundary setting, & assertiveness, all while balancing our cultural expectations of respect and consideration of others
  • Avoiding burnout, setting boundaries and say no in your unique voice
  • Leveraging your strengths as a multicultural individual and amplifying your unique spark, and harnessing your inner wisdom while paying respect to your customs and norms.

Next Cohort Starts: January 2024