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We get the struggle, and we know how to overcome the hurdles to get you where you want to go.
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The World Needs More Multicultural Women Leaders – Here's Why….

Do you feel stuck in your job?
Work with us to gain clarity and direction in exploring new career paths and finding fulfillment.

Paralysis by Analysis? 
Not sure where you are and seem to go in circles about what to do next?
We got you! You can overcome fear, self-doubt, and indecision by developing techniques to take measured risks.

Is someone else in the driver seat of your life?
We get it, but you can break free from societal or familial expectations and embrace an authentic career path aligned with personal passions and goals.

About Multicultural Coaching LLC

Multicultural Coaching LLC aspires to be the #1 Trusted Community of Support for Multicultural women who desire to balance their careers, cultures and relationships.

We want to work with women who are ambitious and want to make a significant impact in their careers, relationships, and lives. The major pain points we will work to address are cultural expectations vs career aspirations, gender bias and navigating her different roles, work-life balance, and ways to become a role model for success.

Our mission is to:
  • Foster a community of trust, self-growth and development
  • Help women who want to surround themselves with other amazing uplifting women
  • Every person who joins the group finds benefit in the experience, even if we are not the right community for them

Many of the organizations that support women overall are based in humanitarian spaces or non-profit spaces. We don’t believe women are second rate, and we put them at the forefront of potential and the future needs us. 

While there are many professional coaching services out there, there are none that exist in the virtual space catering to professional multicultural women. As our world continues to grow with digital natives and an increasingly diverse workforce, the demands will follow. Finding the right coaching program, and one that understands the complexities and impacts of culture may increase the effectiveness of growth and development.